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Demonstration Projects

The Creating Changes Demonstration Projects have all participated in a needs skills analysis to identify individual and group learning needs. We have worked with the projects to identify and agree themes that we are going to work on with them. For example, Eustace are focusing on the proposed changes to their housing estate which is going to be knocked down and rebuilt.


We have worked with the groups to demonstrate what difference appropriate developmental and training support can make. The groups are building on their Community Development (CD) skills and developing new ones. This process is being jointly evaluated with the groups who have also been involved in planning a conference that took place in November 2012. The groups have been encouraged to link up with each other and share experiences and consider joint learning.


In the future updates, we hope that the groups will write about their experiences including information about who the group are, and provide an update from their own perspectives.


Read more about the groups:


• Eustace Crescent Community Association
WOMEG: Faiths in Action Nottingham
OSCAR (Osmaston Community Association of Residents)

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