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NOCN Resource Packs


Now available to download: All 17 of our NOCN Resource Packs can now be downloaded free of charge.


Written By: Various
Summary: The newly revised Community Development National Occupational Standards, the new Qualifications and Credit Framework, and the current development of new CD training units means that the 18 FCDL resource packs for  the NOCN CD training programme will soon be out of date as specific tutor packs for the new units.


Community Work Skills Manual 2009


Now available to download: newly available free of charge


Written By: Various
Summary: The Community Work Skills Manual has been informing community development workers for over 20 years. The 2009 edition contains all new material. Techniques and case studies on a wide range of issues, from virtual communities to running green conferences, the 2009 Community Work Skills Manual has it all!


Guide to using the CDNOS


This new guide offers a step-by-step approach to help organisations and individuals using the Community Development National Occupational Standards 2009 (CDNOS), through a range of functions and activities. 


The guide has been designed for you to access it at any point and start using the CDNOS straight away. It contains 12 main sections, each focusing on a different use for the CDNOS, but the list is not exhaustive, there are many other uses.


Each section explains how to use the CDNOS for a specific purpose following a common format. Using CDNOS to inform community development practice takes a methodical approach which eventually leads to embedding the process and the CDNOS themselves in day to day practice. The modules are explained through examples of implementing the CDNOS process in a commercial setting. This process starts with the overall ‘big picture’: the Definition of Community Development and its key purpose, the Key Values, Key Areas and the Standards, and then drills down into the detail within each Key Area in terms of knowledge, understanding and skills required.


Tasting the Tasters


Now available to download: These very popular informal taster session packs are now availabile to download free of charge.


Written By: Various

FCDL has published a series of taster sessions as part of its commitment to provide quality training resources. These were written several years ago but are standing well the test of time and we are still receiving very positive feedback about them. The 3 hour taster sessions are aimed at all trainers but particularly new ones who want to increase their confidence.


Communities Action, Reflection and Change (Communities ARC)


This very successful project was delivered in 2011 - 2012 by FCDL in partnership with four of our members, from three regions.

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How to Set Up a Refugee Community Organisation


Now available to download free


Written By: Dhara Thompson

Published: 2008


Summary: This is a resource designed with and for new and emerging refugee community organisations to help them establish themselves as organisations. The resource includes advice from activists who have recently set up refugee community organisations (RCOs), in the form of quotes


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Learning and Qualifications Framework


This free leaflet aims to enable people who come into Community Development from varied backgrounds, with different levels of expertise in community work, to work out what their learning needs are and how best to meet them. It helps people to work out their own pathways and progression routes to suit their individual learning needs at a particular point in their lives. The diagram included in the leaflet relates the different Community Development learning and qualification opportunities to the national qualifications framework for England.


Research into the Training and Learning needs of BME Workers



Engaging with Local Government Regarding Sustainable Development


A guide for community groups concerned about environmental impacts on their community



Engaging and Influencing Decision-Makers


A Guide for Community Groups



From 1st November to Ubuntu: A Journey for Black Perspectives


This publication gives a historic and contextual overview of the development and need of “Ubuntu”, the Swahili concept that expresses the belief that “people are people through other people”. Includes actual websites built using Ubuntu including Comprogear.com and Amazon.com.


Sustainability Tasters


A series of 14 three-hour taster session packs have been produced as part of the Every Action Counts project.


These training materials are published by FCDL and available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

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